A concentrated focus of personal work is challenging, enlivening and fun.

Because of the group format there the weekend workshops offer an intensity of energy that has the capacity to deepen your experience more so than during an individual session. Having the opportunity to work with others in a group can offer support and open up new levels of processing and understanding as others work. New issues often arise that are not as accessible in individual sessions because of the group experience and interactive format. It is also a safe environment to experiment with new ways of behaving, expressing and connecting with others. This helps in the discovery of different ways of functioning  that will add passion, commitment and progress to your personal and professional life.

Past Workshops:
• Facing Fears & Addressing anxiety, The Trauma of Everyday Life
• Recovering the Authentic Self
• Loving Relationships
• Jealousy: Healing Resentments, Loss and Shame
• Challenging Family Patterns, Embracing the Inner Child
• Moving Forward: Facing your Fears & Claiming your Power
• Boundaries & Intimacy
• Rediscovering Your Essence
• Shame, Support and Self Esteem
• Getting What you Want
• Opening the Heart
• Keeping your Passion on Fire in Work, Love and Play

Come back often to see what we are doing next and join us.


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